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First time in India “Get CMA Data prepared online from experts in Corporate Finance”

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Email: vijay@cmadataonline.com

What we do

As you are aware, Bank limits sanctioned to your Company need renewal every year and it requires various type of paper work including a mandatory document called CMA Data or CAM (Last 2 years audited and next 2 years projected Balance Sheet in a prescribed format). 

But are not you fed up with renewal related long formalities and also time taken by the CA/Accountant for preparation of CMA Data? Despite paying a high fees for getting the CMA prepared, lots of queries are raised by your bank.

Now, say No to all such difficulties as we are here with a perfect and low cost solution for your problem. CMA data prepared by an experienced professional is a solution to all your recurring problems. Bad quality of CMA Data wastes your valuable time in attending Bank queries rather then utilizing your valuable time in growth of your Business. Moreover, due to not understanding your needs, Bank may also decline enhancement of you limits. Our CMA also helps in better understanding of your business to the Bankers.

So, at the end, we offer online CMA Data preparation services from our team of CAs and Experienced Bankers in just 3 days, in 4 easy steps, handling all queries related to CMA from your Bank on real time basis (if any), Most Reasonable Fees, No Advance Payment and most importantly promising you confidentiality.


We also provide the following Bank finance related services:

1. Complete assignment on renewal of your Bank Limits (paper work, attending all bank queries, co-ordination for meetings with Bank and all other work related to annual renewal of the limits). 

2. Preparation of Credit Appraisal notes in Bank’s specified format to save your time.

3. Preparation of Information Memorandum for sanction of Working Capital Bank Limits.

4. Detailed Project Report for Term Loans.

5. Company presentation.

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